Frequently Asked Questions

What is a phobia?

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How many Phobias are there?

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How do people get Phobias?

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How does the Freedom Process work?

Based upon extensive study of the latest and most powerful mind-sciences around (including NeuroLinguistics, Subconscious Reprogramming and more), together with experience of not only completely conquering my own phobias and helping many others to completely let go of theirs, I have created my own unique custom Phobia Coaching pack, designed to give you the absolute best opportunity for ridding yourself of your phobia once and for all.

With this pack you will

  • Discover the role your phobia has played in your life – as destructive as it is, there may have actually been some way in which it has helped you.
  • Acknowledge the way your phobia helped you, and develop more positive and empowering ways to get those positive outcomes instead.
  • Discover why your previous attempts to deal with your phobia didn’t work
    See the massive potential for positive change which letting go of your phobia will bring you
  • Really uncover the true reasons why you must let go of your phobia (they may not be the reasons you currently think!)
  • Receive personal one-on-one coaching with me via Skype (in the safety and comfort of your own home) to eliminate your phobia and to program your mind with new empowering ways to react

Keith took me through a short fun process to cure my phobia of spiders; I was very sceptical at the time but I tried it and it works 100% – I am now completely cured! I would highly recommend Keith if you have any phobias whatsoever, he’s your man. — Matthew Adams, Bournemouth, UK

Will I have to confront my phobia (e.g. handle a spider)?

Absolutely not!

There are advocates out there of the technique of confronting what scares you in order to overcome that fear. Whilst that may work for some, for most people just the thought of having to confront the stuff of their personal nightmare is more than enough to stop them even starting a cure.

At Freedom From Phobia, we never, ever, ask you to interact with the thing that triggers your phobia. Not even with a picture of it!

We won’t even insist you confront your old phobia once you’ve got rid of it (although most people find themselves excited to choose to do so of their own volition, it is not required as part of the process at all).

My Phobia is very unusual, will this work for me?

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What Types Of Phobias Are There?

Phobias can generally be grouped into the following rough categories –

Spiders, dogs, snakes etc.
Clowns, dolls, mirrors etc.
Injections, the dentist or doctor etc.
Social, being trapped, heights, flying etc.
The Natural Environment
Thunderstorms, water, countryside etc.