What They Got From Working With Keith

I used to have a strong fear of flying and also of enclosed spaces.  I worked with Keith for half an hour, and not only did he help me to find out where it had come from, he also helped me to completely get rid of both at once.  So now I am not only looking forward to attending my art class and sitting in the middle of the row instead of having to be on the end, but I am also really looking forward to flying to Hong Kong! Thanks Keith!

Mieke Lloyd
Morayshire, Scotland

I suffered for too long with my fear of heights. Keith helped me to understand what I always knew and we arranged a session. It did not involve confrontation of fear or any tough stuff. The result was difficult to actually accept but it cured the Phobia completely. So complete was the cure, that I struggled to actually take it on board, I had lived with the fear so long that I actively anticipated its effect. I don’t know why I let it spoil my life for so long. I can now be found hanging out in Cable Cars all over the Alps. If you have a phobia then please give Keith a call.

Martin Lonergan

I had a phobia of flying and a phobia of heights.  For flying, thought of going to the airport was extremely stressful for me, let alone actually sitting in the plane and taking off. And when it came to heights, I found that I couldn’t drive across a large bridge. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Keith – he really put me at ease, we had a lot of fun, and he explained everything to me, and since then my fear has gone. I drove over a massive bridge recently without a hesitation or sweaty palms, and I also flew down to London with no problems at all – I am cured!

Liz Bruce
Moray, Scotland

I have been afraid of spiders since my childhood; I use to scream and shiver at the sight of a spider and could not enter a room if there was one there. Keith worked with me on my fear, he had me crying tears of laughter by the end, it was such a fun experience for me. When i see a spider now, I have a little chuckle to myself. Keith made me feel so comfortable throughout and I would definitely recommend him to others.

Jan Douglas
Wokingham, Berkshire, UK

In just one session, Keith got me through a phobia I had which is just too embarrassing to name. His questions were so well put that I was digging deep and coming up with answers as to why I couldn’t overcome my block and what I needed to do to be free of it. And the technique he used to finally move me on worked a treat. He is patient, empathetic, knowledgeable and fun. Highly recommended.

Claudia Crawley
Director of Winning Pathways Coaching
London, UK

I had a very bad experience with a dentist when I was very young which resulted in me developing a severe phobia of dentists – ever since then I had not been able to go and see a dentist as even the thought of it always filled me with dread and anxiety. Keith and I worked on this fear together and I was totally cured after a single session.. The process only took a short time to complete and does work. I now no longer have any feelings of fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist.

Matthew Adams
Wokingham, Berkshire, UK

I had always suffered from a severe phobia of heights, – I couldn’t even go to the 1st floor of a building. Keith took me through a simple and fun exercise, and now I am looking forward to climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge! I would certainly recommend Keith.

Robyn Wilcox

I used to have this irrational fear of snakes, I would completely freeze even just thinking about snakes. I saw Keith who took me through a process which was short, quick, fun and totally safe, and now when I think about coming across a snake, I think of it just like a jelly-bean! I totally recommend seeing Keith, he’s an awesome guy.

Vina von Bliss
Sydney, Australia

I have always had a problem with heights, even climbing a few rungs up a ladder was uncomfortable. I worked with Keith and suffice to say my feelings about heights changed. I can now get to the top of a ladder, clear out my gutters or whatever, without clinging on and being unable to move. I recently visited the Museum of Scotland in Edinburghand made a point of peering right over the balcony on the top floor and looking straight down five storeys to the foyer with no difficulty or discomfort. I urge anyone in similar circumstances with any irrational fear whatsoever to give it a try – the rewards are immeasurable.

Ian Noble
Moray, Scotland, UK

If I saw a spider I would freeze and my partner would have to get rid; I would totally freak out at the sight of one! Now I feel total apathy toward them. It was a completely painless process and I would completely recommend Keith to anybody.

David Oakley
London, UK

Even though I am a trained singer, I have long lacked the self-confidence to sing in front of anyone. After just 1 hour with Keith I was able to sing in Parliament Square!

Ruta Zukauskaite
London, UK

I would like to thank you for the session we had to remove my fear of heights.
As an electrician this had impacted on which which I could take on, thus preventing me from offering a full service to my clients.
What surprised me most about our session was how much fun it was and I could feel the anxiety melting away as the session progressed.
I have no hesitation in recommending Keith to anyone suffering from any type of phobia.

Kenneth Edkins
Sherratt Electrical Services,
Wokingham, UK.

I’m 31, and I had a strong phobia of spiders since I was 6 – I would flinch at the sight of one and run screaming. I saw Keith who took me through a short fun process; I was very skeptical at the time but I tried it and it works 100% – I am now completely cured! I would highly recommend Keith if you have any phobias whatsoever, he’s your man.

Matthew Adams
Wokingham, Berkshire, UK